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         "Gateway for Islamian Education"  website is designed to focus the Muslim minority Higher Educational and Research Institutions available in India.  This Gateway provides  the Open Access Resources- e-books,e-journals, Subject Gateways,Theses & Dissertations, Different styles of Bibliography writing,   Google scholars profile,News Paper Directory,   Online Libraries and  Research Gateway  for  the  Research Scholars.  Funding Agencies  and Scholarship facility is also additional bonanza for the Research Scholars.  This site  highlight the related sub links for their interesting subjects for Research. This Gateway also useful for all the community Students, Research scholars & Faculty.


The following characteristics have been marked as distinctive of a gateway face to simple collections of links:
  • It is an online service that provides links to web sites or documents in Internet.
  • The selection is done by an intellectual process according to a quality policy within the audience information needs.
  • It produces subject descriptions since each item is catalogued in old or minor depth.
  • The order or structure follows a scheme or classification that facilitates navigation.
  • Each resource is assigned a series of metadata.